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Hi! My name is Tambari and I am a freelance photographer based in Detroit, MI, USA. It all started as a hobby years and years ago, when I would take pictures of natural landscapes and architecture during my travels. Then one day at my church in Atlanta, GA, someone handed me a camera to take pictures during an event and that's when I fell in love with taking pictures of people. 

Since then I have experimented with different styles of photography from portraits to fashion editorials, from events to photojournalism. I have even been published on Detroit's NPR website. And through it all, I have still been active in church photography. I am now a part of the photography team at my new church in Michigan. 

The reason why I love photography is because I love people. I love sharing people's stories, moments and emotions. I feel like it's God's way of letting me serve my neighbors. Hopefully, one day I'll get to capture moments with you.

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